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Your contribution can only create a stronger organization and sense of community.


PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS - Protect the public and the members of the Mammoth Lakes Board of REALTORS® by promoting adherence to the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics. The Professional Standards Committee provides qualified REALTORS® who are authorized to rule on possible instances of non‐compliance in a Professional Standards hearing. Term: 3 years and complete Professional Standards Hearing Panel online course paid by MLBOR


GRIEVANCE - Action of the Grievance Committee is to determine if a disciplinary complaint is appropriate to send forward to a Hearing Panel comprised of members of the Professional Standards Committee.  The committee does not determine a member's guilt or innocence or mediate between the parties. Term: 3 years and complete Action of Grievance Committee online course paid by MLBOR


MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE (MLS) - The mission of the MLS Committee is to meet the ongoing professional needs of the membership and oversee the operation of the MLS to assure members remain in compliance with N.A.R. and C.A.R. policy. The committee researches to identify and inform members about upcoming technology enhancement and legal issues that may potentially impact the MLS, maintaining the highest level of integrity in practice as the primary provider of information about real estate.


FINANCE/STRATEGIC PLANNING - Ensures the financial viability of the Association. They review all the monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports prepared by the bookkeeping and accounting staff, create annual budgets for the Association, provide the Board and membership quarterly Treasurer Reports, and report to the Board any financial irregularities, concerns, and/or opportunities. They also recommend financial guidelines to the Board, such as establishing the proper reserve funds, investments, and travel expenditure parameters and protocols. They oversee the Board’s profits and losses, balance sheets, account receivables, account payables, and other crucial financial reports, as well as oversee that the Association’s CPA files are correct and tax returns filed in a timely manner. Other duties and tasks involve recommending policy changes, and reviewing and approving proposed expenditures recommended by other committees that are not part of the current budget. Term: 3 years


LEGISLATIVE - Politically involved in educating members through political action.  Through civic participation at the local level, the committee recommends and coordinates action affecting city and county legislation, zoning and regulations. They monitor city council, school board meetings and studies environment issues.  Members of this committee are also members of the Local Candidate Recommendation Committee (LCRC) that evaluate candidates for local offices and make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding support or opposition for local campaigns. 


EVENTS - Leverages MLBOR's membership in order to create positive change within the local community. As REALTORS® of the community we strengthen REALTOR® relationships through various media outlets or through special projects, and to enhance the REALTOR® reputation within the community. Committee plans, organizes and promotes meetings for social, charitable and annual events in order to bring many likeminded individuals and organizations together to benefit our neighbors in need. Committee provides meeting format, speaker/topic selections and related arrangements.


HUMAN RESOURCES - Drafts or revises job descriptions and personnel policies for board approval. The committee reviews office staff and suggests salaries for approval from the Finance Committee. The Committee also acts as a conduit for complaints from or about office staff. The Human Resources Committee is responsible for interviewing new prospective employees and for recommending hiring and firing of office staff. Members of this committee must be a Director on the Mammoth Lakes Board of REALTORS®.

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